by Julie Lessman

April 2013
ISBN: 9780800721671
Reviewer Graphic Button Revell
Trade Paperback

First of all, I love, love Julie Lessmanís books. I love her passion, her sense of humor, her never failing praises to God, and I love her writing style that keeps me on my toes for more from her!

In Love At Any Cost I love how Jamie and Cassidyís relationship starts off. Jamie wants Cassidy because she is rich and she could care less about pretty boy men. I really admire Jamie coming from a life of poverty, working himself into the successful businessman he now is, and all because he wants to give his mom and sister a better life. And how many people would be willing to go back into the poverty stricken places they lived to help others out? So many would forget about them, but not Jamie. But if he is ever going to have a relationship with Cassidy, one thing for sure is that he will have to put God first in his life, and he is just not sure he can do that.

With characters who are a bit quirky and a lot believable and realistic, Julie Lessman takes together situations that are heartbreaking and full of disappointments, and weaves them together to create a story of love, forgiveness and redemption through faith in the Lord. I love how Julie always weaves Christ into the everyday lives of her characters, showing her readers how much He really cares.

I really encourage you to pick up a copy of this wonderful historical fiction to read and enjoy for yourself. Love At Any Cost is a must if you are a historical fiction buff!

Reviewed in March 2014 by Joy.

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