by Ann Jacobs

July 2003
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Another Love by Ann Jacobs works on a wonderfully creative premise that would be hard to execute if Ms. Jacobs wasn’t such an accomplished author. In Another Love, Erin Winters is a pregnant, surrogate mother who agrees to carry the child of strangers so she can pay for an operation that her crippled son so desperately needs as a result of a car accident that killed her husband. Phew! This alone has the potential to be a story line from a soap opera. It gets even more dramatic.

Blake and Glenna Tanner is a happily married couple, who for the life of them can not have a child. Glenna is infertile and wants a child so badly that she convinces her husband that they should find a surrogate to impregnate. Glenna is out shopping one day (for baby clothes, no less) when a crazed gunman shoots and kills her. At this point, Erin is five months pregnant with a child she’s come to think of as Blake’s and Glenna’s. Blake tells himself that he doesn’t want the child because it is responsible for his wife’s death. And besides, he’d been against the idea of a surrogate in the first place. He’d only agreed to it to make his wife happy. He tells the doctor, who is also the intermediary (Erin and Blake still haven’t met) that he wants the baby aborted. Are you on tenterhooks yet? Aren’t you just dying to find out what comes next? Oh, and oh yeah, Glenna is now a ghost who “haunts” the world of the living because she can’t rest until her family is happy. Erin, of course, is the only one who can see her.

I won’t tell what comes next, because Ann Jacobs tells the story better and much more effectively. She makes everything sound logical. This story has the elements of a soap opera, but it does not play out like one. Additionally, per her usual delivery, Ms. Jacobs gives us steamy, X-rated sensuality. This is a must-read.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Lisa.

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