by Dakota Cassidy

ISBN: 1-931761-72-8
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Have you ever felt so bored with your life that you absolutely felt the need to do something totally out of character. Something crazy and wild? This is one of the questions that debut author, Dakota Cassidy answers in her book Shut Up and Drive.

Tess is driving in her hot sports car and picks up a man, and not just any man, a Mr. Yummylicious. Brody, our hero is happy too, since she makes him an offer that most men can’t refuse, a fantasy come true. The conversations between them are hot and hilarious especially since a “Little Buddy” kept interrupting them with helpful advice and demands. Yes, girls, if you ever wondered who is doing the talking and the thinking in a man, this story has the answer for you.

At a glance you might think that this story is a sexy hot laugh peppered with outrageous dialogue especially between these two characters that keep popping up, and since this story is a teaser, I won't say who they are. It’s not, it’s much more, and it’s about us. It’s about dreams and fantasies, battles between love and lust, and it’s about boredom and routine.

I loved this story, for a “Quickie” it carries a punch and touches the heart. The icing in the cake is that it even has a surprise that I didn’t see coming. For a fast and easy read that will leave you feeling all hot and bothered, and with a smile on your face, this reviewer recommends Dakota Cassidy’s Shut Up and Drive.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Haley.

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