by Angie Fox

March 2013
ISBN: 978-0-312-54667-0
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Mass Market Paperback

During a temporary cease fire in the war between the young gods and the old, Dr. Petra Robichaud finds unexpected happiness with Commander Galen of Delphi. Unfortunately Petra’s new romance is cut short when Galen is called back to rejoin his unit and he suddenly breaks up with her. Soon after Petra comes face to face with a man from her past and is embroiled in a plot that threatens the tentative peace between the gods. Fighting to keep her ability to communicate with the dead from being discovered Petra must use her skill if she is to keep blood from being spilled, all the while protecting her heart.

If you loved the first book in the MASH series then Immortally Embraced will not disappoint as it takes you on an unforeseen journey with Petra and the war she finds herself in the middle of.

Petra and her friends are in the middle of a war where they are little more than the gods' playthings and they must find what love or life they can. Following Petra as she reconnects with a man from her past and as she fights to bring about some good in this seemingly endless war will thrill readers with the surprising changes in her life.

Angie Fox has once again captured the attention of readers with Immortally Embraced and will have them clamoring for more in this exciting series. Angie Fox has created a series that has captured my imagination and always has me squirming with joy like an over excited puppy in anticipation of where Petra’s story leads.

Reviewed in July 2013 by Claudia.

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