by Katherine Sutcliffe

September 2001
ISBN: 0-515-13152-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Hollywood’s most beautiful bad-boy Brandon Carlyle has come home to Ticky Creek, Texas. His career shattered, he has spent the last four years in prison for a scandalous car accident that claimed the life of his passenger, porno star Emerald Marcella. Sober and scarred, he has come home to the unconditional love and support offered by his Uncle Henry and Aunt Bernice. Age and infirmity have ravaged the loving couple, and Brandon is determined to care for them and to shield them from the harsh world that almost destroyed him. When a long-time stalker, “Anticipating” sends a letter to his home, Brandon knows that more than bad publicity has followed him to Texas.

Alyson James is the tabloid reporter who revealed Brandon’s alcoholism to the world. She has followed him cross-country, hoping for another story. She never expects to be taken in by his vulnerability, his compassion, and his oh-so-sexy charisma. When he turns on the charm, she melts. When their passions collide, the pages are set ablaze.

Darkling I Listen is a thrilling book that has twists and turns throughout. There are plenty of possible villains, and the tightly-crafted plot leaves you guessing for quite a while. The romance is as sultry as summer in the Lone Star State, and packed with sensuous details. Imagine your favorite Hollywood hero, or better yet, an amalgamation between Paul Newman, Mel Gibson, and your own personal idol, then put them in mind as you read about Brandon.....whew! I was pulled into the plot immediately, and had a very hard time putting the book down. I think that readers who enjoy taut romantic suspense and a good love story will really enjoy this book.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Paula.

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