by Rida Allen

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Trade Paperback

Broke from a recent divorce, soon to be homeless, Val has no idea what she is going to do with herself or where sheís going to live. She never dreamed that Robyn and Erik might be able to help her. Unwilling to become a charity case to her friends she refuses their offer to let her stay there and is determined to make it on her own. But they have more in mind, than offering their home and Erik soon talks his brother into calling her and setting up an appointment with a job offer.

With his four-year-old daughter, Jessís nanny leaving, George is in a crunch to come up with a replacement. He really doesnít need a full time, live-in nanny but when Erik recommends Val and tells him some of her situation he canít refuse at least meeting her. The first time she comes to visit she steals more hearts than Jessís. How can they handle this new relationship and keep Jessís best interests at heart?

This is a cute, snappy romance full of witty dialogue. The entire story is mostly told through dialogue without leaving the reader confused. However, since itís told this way, there are times you donít understand the characters as well as youíd like. There are certain motivations you arenít really aware of, for instance when Val disappears you donít really know where she is or what sheís doing and that is slightly confusing. Of course, in the end it becomes clear and you can finish the story satisfied.

The characters are all strong and loveable. And of course, Val is not the usual petite supermodel heroine. She is a real woman with a real body, which makes her more endearing. The story moves quickly along and is absorbing. If youíre looking for something fast and fun to pick up this is the book for you.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Katy.

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