by Juliana Gray

February 2013
ISBN: 9780425251188
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Miss Abigail Harewood is tired of the social rules and regulations of polite English society. She saw her sister get married and go from a vivacious fun-loving girl to a serious, unhappy woman. She refuses to let any man rule her because in her very limited experience, they ruin EVERYTHING. So Abigail is going to take on a lover. She has been flitting about doing experimental kisses and has decided this is how she will determine the passion of her lover. What does she know? She is just a gently breed virgin. Then she meets the very ducal Duke of Wallingford, and she is all a twitter. The problem is he has pledged a year of celibacy and that goes against everything that Abigail has planned.

Arthur, Duke of Wallingford, has lived a life of debauchery and privilege. He has done nothing for anyone but himself and now his grandfather is fed up and has decided, the Duke is going to marry. To avoid the marriage noose, Wallingford has opted to leave for Italy with his uncle and brother for a year of scholarly pursuits and non-indulgence. The problem is he has to share the Italian castle with the little sprite that is trying to seduce him into her bed. Throw in a 300 year old curse and the magic of midsummerís eve and life will never ever be the same for all who reside at this castle.

A Duke Never Yields is a good historical read. Itís a story of a little innocent girl taking a duke on a merry chase. Periodically, Abigailís character is annoyingly positive or bull-headed, but you still enjoy her overall. The read was a lot of fun and excitement. It is both slow and fast. Once you are hooked, this story will have you for the long haul.

Reviewed in April 2013 by Lakisha.

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