by Celeste Bradley

June 2001 Reissue
ISBN: 9781250017253
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Paperbacks
Mass Market Paperback

Isadora Temple, Izzy, is quite assuredly “on the shelf”, and she is okay with that. It is unfortunate she has found herself almost a slave in her relations’ house. Her hideous cousin Hildegard could care less because she is busy trying to launch her daughter Millie “on” society and into the marriage market. Then one night at a garden party, Izzy finds herself being pawed, caressed, and fondled by a stranger in the night. After the initial shock of ecstasy, she realizes this is not okay and she brains him with a candlestick. Then she tells a bald-faced lie that they were lovers and were having a disagreement. This has the entire house in an uproar. So guess what, the stranger that is knocked out on her bed has to marry her. Yay, not. Izzy was just trying to help two people out of trouble and now she has landed herself into deep scandal and an unwanted marriage.

Lord Julian Blackworth is in constant danger of losing his inheritance. He has to quit his libertine ways and settle down before his father and grandfather take away his lands and title. But he did not expect to have to do it this quick! Now Julian is stuck marrying this plain, spinster, but then he sees her again. She is not plain but a little sprite, with copper hair. She defends him to his crabby old father, she makes him laugh, and worst of all she makes him “feel”. This will never do. Julian has never had any use for emotions, especially towards a woman, yet he finds his body is hard and he is breathless with every encounter.

Julian and Izzy find themselves at the forefront of a juicy scandal with the haute ton as the audience. They decide to have an “engagement” until the noise dies down, but they find it impossible to pretend in their emotions, those are real.

Ok, so can I be honest? Fallen had me at hello. Izzy is a fire cracker and she keeps Julian on a merry chase. The issue I have with this book is it nabs and holds your attention and then the ending drops you and leaves you frustrated. To be frank, the ending made me mad and slightly disappointed.

Reviewed in July 2013 by Lakisha.

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