by Anya Bast

July 2003
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Author Anya Best takes us back to the lands of Nordan and Sudhra. The preparations are being made to go to war with the death of Cyrus, a trader from Sudhra who was introduced in Winter Pleasures.

When Cyrus captured Raven and her grandmother, they believed themselves to be the last of their race, the Aviat. When her grandmother died, Raven truly believed that she was alone. Upon Cyrusís death, she attempted to escape, fearing that Raven was trying to kill herself, she was locked in a room without windows or any sharp objects. Unbeknownst to Captain Tayln, who was in charge of protecting and gentling her, Raven was actually looking for a high enough vantage point so she could stretch her wings and fly away.

Thatís right, I said wings. The Aviat are a race of winged people who can retract their wings at will from their shoulder blades. Just think, when you land, you just pop those babies back into your shoulders and they donít get in the way. The only problem is that because of this, they were also hunted for those same wings. When they are cut off, they die, but to some they look better hung on a wall as trophies.

The intense chemistry between Tayln and Raven is frightening to them both. But they cannot deny their lust and growing love for each other. Well at least Raven canít. Tayln canít remember where he came from. Found at 6 years old, he was raised in the Nordan culture. Because of their fertility problems the Nordan people have a very open and free sexual culture. The women mate with as many males as possible, it is very rare for two people to be monogamous. Since Lord Marken and his wife, Lady Seinne declared them committed, Tayln has been questioning his past and starting to remember more and more, but it is still unclear. With the appearance of two mercenaries from Suthra, things come to a head.

There is a twist to this story that I am not going to reveal. I enjoyed this story very much, Talyn impressed me with his willingness to accept and embrace the differences and the things that he has in common with Raven. These two definitely heat up the sheets, the walls, the floors and even the road. These two will definitely have you flying high.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Carolyn.

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