by Beth Kery

November 2012
ISBN: 9780425259153
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You only live once right? That phrase hits painfully close to home for Joy when she is diagnosed with cancer. She has always lived a conservative life, but life experiences have a way of changing your perspective and she finds herself being a partaker of the most carnal pleasure after she is diagnosed. Joy has no idea she is engaging in such naughty behavior with none other than the sex symbol, acting god, Everett Hughes. Joy has no idea she has just given him the most explosive pleasure of his life and he will be on a quest for a repeat performance.

Everett is tired of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood women and their tendency to be air-headed bimbos. He is looking for someone who is real, sincere, and doesn’t want anything from him but his heart. When he has his encounter with Joy, he finds himself liberated, and the air around them becomes electrified with passion and desire. He has to drink again from the fountain of Joy.

Exposed to You is an incredibly sexy read. It holds the passion we are all looking for in our lives. This read is the breathtaking, body tingling, heart pounding journey of a life time. Grip the covers and let yourself be consumed with the loss of inhibitions and the dry mouth lust of this read.

Reviewed in April 2013 by Lakisha.

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