by Ann Jacobs

July 2003
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Set in the Middle Ages, Ann Jacobs’ He Calls Her Jasmine is unbelievably sensual and well-written. The story follows Joan of Summerfield, a wealthy, young woman who is promised to a convent by her father when it appears his son and heir will survive a war wound. In his prayers, the father promises God that if He would spare his son, he would give his daughter to the church as a nun in thanks. Joan objects mightily to this and runs away from convent as soon as she hatches a viable plan that enables her to do so. Well, a war-torn country is no place for a woman alone in the Middle Ages and Joan soon finds herself trapped by a gang of ruffians whose aim is to do all manner of vicious things to her.

In rides, Rolfe deVere, mercenary and fighter extraordinaire. He dispatches the brigands with little fanfare and in quick order – just in time to saves Joan’s innocence. She doesn’t stay innocent very long, I assure you. At any rate, Rolfe is on his way to the modest castle he holds as vassal for his brother when he comes upon this ugly scene. He is only a mercenary to gain his fortune. He really covets a title and land of his own, but can only acquire those things through marriage to an heiress. And when the beauty he’s just rescued can’t tell him where she came from, let alone her name, his hopes are dashed. He calls her Jasmine and takes her home with him to his castle where she sets the filthy place to rights, while he educates her in the ways of sensuality (very thoroughly, for he has been to the land of the “infidel” during the crusades and learned much). This one is hot!

This is a great story. I enjoyed the characters and could visualize many of the scenes as I read them. Ann Jacobs has done it again .

Reviewed in September 2003 by Lisa.

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