by Constance Hussey

October 2012
ISBN: 978-1-938257-37-7
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Anne McKenzie and her companions, the Fentons, are in Portugal on the run from a mad man. They have to do everything they can to stay inconspicuous and blend in with the people around them. Then a chance meeting with a boy, a girl, and a dog threatens to put the spotlight on her and change her life forever. Anne can see that these two children are in some sort of danger from the looks of their “stepfather”. She insists she was injured in the foray and now the children must come and pay restitution for their part in the ruckus. The evil stepfather agrees and thus starts Anne’s journey to a marriage of convenience, a man who does not realize how badly he needs her, and saving the lives of some children who are desperate to be loved.

Nicholas Blackwell has no idea what he is doing in Portugal and how he was roped into trying to save the niece of a mutual friend. Then when he starts following the niece around Portugal, he happens upon a young lady with the compassionate heart to see all is not right with this little girl. He has to get these children from the clutches of this “stepfather” and he needs Anne’s help. He cannot very well handle this responsibility on his own and he has a crippled daughter in England. The solution to the plan? Marry Anne and she can give all three children what he cannot. To add on to it, there is a madman out to kill Nicholas and make Anne his own. When did this marriage of convenience become inconvenient?

An Inconvenient Wife was the kind of read that took you on a journey and built up the suspense of what was to come. I loved this read. The build up kept me coming back for more. Ms Hussey you have my undivided attention.

Reviewed in April 2013 by Lakisha.

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