by Michelle Hasker

October 2012
ISBN: 978-1-62300-009-7
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Tara has been singing at ďThe PlaceĒ trying to keep a low profile and doing a pretty good job at it. She never stays anywhere too long because she is afraid her secret will be revealed. Her only real friend has been Maxus, the bartender, and he already sees what she is but her secret is safe with him. There is one shape shifter (Brandon) that has been trying to court her, but Tara ainít having it. She just wants to lay low and be left alone. At least, that is what her head says, but her body has a craving for release that she knows Brandon can make that happen. Tara cannot run the risk of killing someone else with her passion so she is opting out until a creepy vampire is hot on her trail. She then needs Brandon to be her hero and save her from the diabolical plans of the vampire.

Brandon loves him some Tara, but she is a hard nut to crack. Her standoffishness and her mean comebacks are the things that make him keep wanting her more. He knows she is paranormal, but he has not figured out what she is yet. He is the ultimate Alpha male, but he has been putting up a friendly front to nab her into his web of seduction and love. Then as luck has it, she needs him. Brandon is determined to strip away all of her secrets to bare her passion, body, and soul.

Screaming Orgasm is delicious. Itís a short yet complete story that leaves you satisfied with the read. The love scenes are not numerous, but you really find yourself enjoying it as much as the characters do. Slip away with this one.

Reviewed in April 2013 by Lakisha.

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