by Zoey Daniels

September 2012
ISBN: 05951-01909
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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Delia is no nonsense woman that has been through a lot of changes in her life. She has had to pack up and move to a strangers’ town called Leman. Delia owns her mill and her house and she has learned to live her life alone without any help from anybody. Until one day she looks up and sees a panther in her trees watching her. There are rumors that in Leman an animal may be a man and you have to be careful what you shoot. Then he is joined by a mountain lion in the trees consummating! What is going on? Delia is hard pressed to admit it, but she needs and aches to be loved, touched, and cherished. She has always taken care of herself, but what would it be like to be taken cared of? Suddenly, a danger threatens her panther and mountain lion (apparently they have claimed her as their own). Delia has to make the choice of allowing them to fully claim her as their own or continue to relish her freedom and stay a loner. Sometime danger makes you realize what you are about to have before you get it.

was a short interesting read. The language was somewhat reminiscent of Huckleberry Finn, very country and somewhat antiquated. I would have liked to learn more about the characters. The story was somewhat stilted and needed more meat. The love scenes left much to be desired and I just felt like a lot was missing from this story. Not one of my favorites.

Reviewed in April 2013 by Lakisha.

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