by Juliana Gray

November 2012
ISBN: 9780425251072
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Six years ago Elizabeth Harwood fell madly in love with Lord Roland Penhallow and it seemed like they were a fairy tale come to life. Then Roland disappeared leaving Elizabeth confused, bereft, and hurt. She thought he abandoned her, but he secretly joined her Majestyís secret agents. While he was gone, Lilibet picked up the pieces and married someone else. She is the Countess of Somerton and very unhappy. She has decided she needs to escape her controlling, adulterous husband with their five year old son. Lilibet is going with her cousins to a castle in Tuscany to gather her thoughts and figure out what she needs to do next. She is tired of looking behind her shoulder and discovering the debauchery that is her husband.

Lord Roland Penhallow is one of Englandís finest agents. Since he is not heir to the dukedom, he had to find something to do with his life. It is unfortunate that his family manipulated and schemed for him to be an agent after he fell madly in love with Lilibet. It's six years later and someone has it out for him. The good news is he has run into Lilibet again and this time nothing is going to stand in the way of him winning his true love.

Lilibet is fighting to ignore the love and passion between her and Roland while he is fighting to show her they belong together. Lilibet has always been the picture of propriety, but Roland is known for being a rogue about town. What they both must learn is never judge a book by the cover or even by what others say about it.

A Gentleman Never Tells is an okay read. It did not keep my attention. There were some parts that were great, but a lot of the story hit a lull that was hard to get through to get to the good parts. Not really a page turner for me.

Reviewed in March 2014 by Lakisha.

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