by Jo Beverley

November 2003
ISBN: 0-451-21065-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Once again Jo Beverly; the Queen of Regency romance, brings us a story of love, passion and everything that is Regency England, including the famous Malloren family. We just canít get enough of them!

Genova Smith is a very strong woman, but the Marquess of Ashart may prove to be her ultimate challenge. Especially when she finds herself in a compromising position with him, forced into a fake betrothal and accompanying him to the home of his cousin and mortal enemy, Lord Rothgar of Rothgar Abbey. Will being forced to pretend to be in love be enough to protect her reputation or will it keep her heart from falling in love with this rogue?

Caught in the unwanted betrothal, Ashart uses it to his advantage. Someone is trying for put him into the middle of a scandal and he thinks that Rothgar is responsible. After all, they are sworn enemies, arenít they? This would be something that Rothgar would try to do. Under the guise of being the happily engaged couple, Ash finds the answers to his questions and also confronts his past, opening a heart that he thought forever closed to love.

This is another wonderful story from Ms. Beverley. She brings back all of our beloved Malloren family, or at least most of them. Itís the Christmas season and the air is filled with joy and good cheer. Ashart and Genova come from two different worlds, but manage to find the one thing that they have in common, love. These are two very strong willed people and compliment each other very well. Ashart is a troubled soul, haunted by a past that has been passed onto him, from his father and is an open wound to him and the whole family. Genova is a lonely woman who seeks companionship with elderly aunts and ends up finding love in a man whose demons she will help him vanquish and teach him to love again.

Winter Fire will be wonderful addition, to your Christmas romance treasury. A must-read for the holiday season.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Debbie.

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