by Nina Rowan

September 2012
ISBN: 9781455509546
Reviewer Graphic Button Forever
Mass Market Paperback

Lydia Kellaway is highly intelligent, in other words, she is crazy smart. She is able to create, develop, and solve any mathematical equation that England’s greatest scholars put before her. Lydia has always wrapped herself in complex puzzles because the world around her was dark and desolate. The one bright spot in her life is her sister, Jane. Lydia has dedicated her life to raising her sister to be scholarly and devoted to education. Since both of their parents are dead, all they have is each other and their grandmother. Then one night, Lydia is on the hunt for a lost piece of jewelry that was the last connection she had to her mother. She finds out that it was bought by Alexander Hall, Viscount Northwood. When he opens the door and intently stares into her eyes, Lydia realizes she has just stumbled upon the thing that would change her life forever.

Alexander Hall, Viscount Northwood has been busy trying to put his family’s reputation back to rights ever since his mother behaved so disgracefully as to have an open affair with a soldier. Alexander has tirelessly worked to reclaim the honor that is rightfully theirs. However, his work has caused him to put his life and his happiness on hold. When Lydia is standing at his door trying to reclaim the family heirloom, he could give it back to her. But what would be the fun in that?

Alexander and Lydia began a merry chase with each other using wagers, puzzles, and complex math equations to best each other. They begin to discover the dangerous passion that ignites when they are together. Alexander realizes the depth of Lydia’s intelligence and Lydia discovers the strength of character in Alexander. When a deep dark secret threatens to emerge, all of the equations and theorems cannot stop the explosive action that is about to take place.

A Study in Seduction is a sensual historical romance that will curl your toes with anticipation. I hate math, but I loved how the author incorporates equations, theorems, and other math stuff I did not understand into the story. The writing in this book is exciting and breathtaking, and it was hard to put this little morsel down.

Reviewed in January 2013 by Lakisha.

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