by Anna Campbell

September 2012
ISBN: 9781455512072
Reviewer Graphic Button Forever
Mass Market Paperback

Can you say hot historical romance of the ages? Sidonie Forsythe has always considered herself a logical sturdy girl that has no flights of fancy about romance and love. The men she has known in her twenty-four years have been brutish pigs who bully their female relations. It is a pity her airhead sister has gotten sucked into a fortune of gambling debt and now Sidonie is going in her place for restitution with her virtue to the wickedly scarred, Jonas Merrick. Sidonie’s plan is to be a martyr, but she finds herself seeking deeper and deeper into his plans of seduction. She trembles just when he looks at her. Sidonie has seven days not to succumb to the passion he is awakening.

Jonas Merrick, renowned rich bastard, is angry when Sidonie shows up instead of her sister, but then he is intrigued. She is a determined little spinster, but he sees the heat that smolders in her soft brown eyes. He feels her body’s hunger when he kisses her. They began to explore their passion with each other and find something so powerful that neither can fight passion’s pull. Sidonie finds a tortured soul of a beautiful man, and Jonas finds light in his bleak dark world.

Suddenly their enemies are all around them and a secret that Sidonie carries threatens to destroy the passion they have discovered with each other. Can they overcome the dark evil that hangs above their heads, and look to some new promise of life?

Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed is a dark, intense read. Jonas is so tortured and damaged, and Sidonie represents the angelic light of acceptance. This story is about rejection and the cruelty of those around us. This story is darkly romantic and holds you to the characters and their dilemmas. I became wrapped up in this one. When I was done I had to catch my breath because this story is a ride of a lifetime.

Reviewed in January 2013 by Lakisha.

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