by Margaret Mallory

October 2012
ISBN: 9780446583091
Reviewer Graphic Button Forever
Mass Market Paperback

Moira MacDonald is angry and terribly bitter. The man she gave her heart and virginity to abandoned her seven years ago to find glory fight on the high seas of France. The Irish chieftain her father married her to is crazy and abusive. To add insult to injury, her brother has not come to check on her welfare. The only thing that keeps her alive is constantly fighting for the safety of her son. She would lay down her life for his. Moira has fought tooth and nail to raise him not to be like her husband.

Duncan is a fearsome warrior and captain of the chieftainís soldiers. Seven years ago he was deeply in love with Moira, but her family found out about this forbidden love and sent him away to France to become a great warrior. Every second he was away from Moira his heart broke, but he had to follow the orders of the clanís chieftain with the promise he could keep his life if he left. Duncan never felt worthy of her love anyway. He is back and ready to be the warrior he is supposed to be and the old chieftain is dead, so now he can reach beyond being the bastard child of a nursemaid.

When Duncan is sent to check on Moira, he knows something is amiss. No longer is she the carefree seventeen year old he grew to love. He sees her watching her words and actions and realizes he must save her and the life of her son. When an enemy is out to destroy them, they have to try to bury the past and move forward to protect their clan or all will be lost.

The Warrior is an exciting historical romance. Initially, the heroine is completely unlikable. She is a spoiled, selfish brat, but the beauty of this story is how she evolves into this massively fearless, almost modern woman. The drama is intense and enthralling. How breathtaking this story becomes will make you sit up and start screaming at the characters in the story. Duncan has a warrior's body, but a poetís artistic soul. Who says your man canít be muscle bound and musically inclined? Good read.

Reviewed in January 2013 by Lakisha.

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