by Stephanie Burke and Shelby Morgen

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Threshold: Volume 2 is the next offering by 2 of Elloraís Cave most popular and talented authors. The two tales are connected by friendship and dreams lost and found.

Marylin is divorced after 20 years of "settling". As she and her best friend Gray get drunk and commiserate over lost loves and unfaithful partners, they both make a wish, to not give up on finding true ove. To continue to believe that there is truly someone out there who can give them exactly what they want and able to make them happy. You know what they say, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

In The Summoning: A Northlanders Tale, Shelby Morgan takes us back to the world of her Northlanderís series of post apocalyptic Earth. Where the elements are worshipped as gods, Elves and Faerieís are common and shape-shifters are common.

On that fateful night, Marylin wished for a warrior. Someone who can be strong for her but love her for herself and not what they think she should be. When she wakes up with a killer hangover, she thinks itís the Amaretto. Boy is she in for a surprise. What would you do if you woke to see the man of your dreams literally standing over you? Thatís what she thought, it was a dream and any minute she would wake up alone again. But she was soon to find out, that this was very real and she had a very important choice to make. Did she have the strength to make the choice that would give her everything she had ever wanted? You will have to read to find out.

In Take Me With You, author Stephanie Burke takes us forward to her version of post-apocalyptic Earth and brings us face to face with the consequences of Nuclear weapons. When Gray wakes up face down in a lake, he is afraid he was drowning. Until he opened his eyes and saw the most incredibly beautiful women. The best part was, she had pink hair. And she also had a jewel in the middle of her forehead that proclaimed her a breeder. A fertile woman, born to produce children for her village to ensure that they survive.

Gethla is intrigued by the huge exotic man she finds floating in the mystical lake. He has black hair and lavender eyes, which is very rare in her culture. She is out rounding up Chroans, if this run is successful, her people will survive for a few more months and she will not have to take up the reins as leader and breed. She wants Gray, but because she is fertile, she knows she can not have him. When rustlers steal her Chroan herd, she is angry and knows that she truly has no choice now. She must go home and become a full time breeder for her people so that they might survive. Gray has other plans for her. In a race to get her herd back, Gray and Gethla learn more about themselves and each other. When faced with the choice of staying behind or leaving, for Gethla, it is easy. Did I mention that Chroan are giant multicolored cockroaches (EWWWW!). So it is true, even when the human race faces extinction, those nasty buggers will still be around.

Ms. Morgan and Ms. Burke have both delivered stories that were funny, passionate, and emotional. I enjoyed the journey back to Northland. Although it is part of the ongoing series, it can be read as a stand-alone. My only problem is with the chroan in Take Me With You, I am sorry, but every time she described one of those things, I shuddered. But overall I enjoyed the stories by these two wonderful authors and look forward to whatever they write next.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Carolyn.