by Rachel Brimble

September 2012
ISBN: 978-1-61217-412-9
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Milly knows all about being poor, broke, and hungry. She has had to pull herself, her mother, and her sister from the slums of England. Now she finally has the chance to really make a difference if she gets this manager job at The Red Lion Tavern. She has to wait a few more minutes and if no suitable man applies, the job is hers. Milly has dreams of never being poor again and establishing a life that ensures that her little family enjoys life instead of dreading it every day. Then as the clock is ticking down, the very fine, handsome, and well-bred Joseph Jacobs walks in inquiring about the job. Milly is both chagrined and impressed by this man, but she sees the desperation in his eyes. What is behind those sexy eyes? Milly is aching to know even though you would have to beat it out of her to get her to admit it.

Joseph Jacobs is desperate because his once respectable dad has fallen into a gambling addiction, which has caused them to lose everything; including Josephís mother and their standing in society. Joseph is now heavy lifting on the docks and taking a second job at the tavern. Meeting pretty Milly has cut through the fog of desperation. Joseph sees Milly and he falls in love, but he canít give her anything but debt and trouble because he has that in abundance. When his dad suddenly comes up missing, Joseph is desperate to find him. Joseph and Milly team up to find him, and they both find themselves falling in deep.

Loveís Debt is a lackluster read. When you are reading you sort of feel like you are reading a western except for the brief mentioning of English cities. This read is cross between English working class and American western. I often forgot the setting. It was an okay read. It had the something missing element. I didnít feel satisfied.

Reviewed in April 2013 by Lakisha.

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