by Diane Haeger

September 2012
ISBN: 9780451237897
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library
Trade Paperback

Jane Seymour is the most unimportant person in her family. She is not a boy, and she is not as beautiful as her sister. In the eyes of most of her family she is a nobody and not expected to marry or bare children. The only thing she has ever wanted was to belong to her hero, William Dormer. Then an unexpected opportunity presents itself for her to join the princess of England at her wedding as one of the many members of court. There she meets two of the most notorious names known in England’s history, the Boleyn sisters. Mary is sweet and helpful, but Anne is as mean as a poisonous snake. Years later, Jane is once again invited to court, this time to be a lady in waiting for Queen Katherine of Aragon. There Jane witnesses the full out unencumbered seduction of King Henry the Eighth by the beautiful Anne Boleyn. The court members have to chose a side; the queen or the whore. It looks like just about everyone chooses the whore except for a faithful faction that includes Jane. While at court, Jane learns the importance of loyalty and betrayal. She sees how people use their family members to get closer to the king. Jane also learns the art of being different from everyone else and this causes eyes to point towards her, little, old plain Jane.

I love, love, love this read. I, Jane had me in stitches. I could not put it down. All of the secrets and jealousies of King Henry the Eighth’s court will suck the reader into their world of thinly veiled disguises and lies. If this story was not the truth of what was really going on, it made me a believer. It was like some really good gossip and I loved it.

Reviewed in March 2014 by Lakisha.

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