by Nora Roberts

November 2012
ISBN: 978-0-425-24604-7
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Trade Paperback

The Perfect Hope is the final book in Nora Roberts’ Inn Boonsboro trilogy. This is Hope and Ryder’s story and it is quintessential Nora Roberts.

Ryder Montgomery is irritable, often rude and all too snarky with his family. He is also very much bothered by perfect Hope Beaumont, the innkeeper of Inn BoonsBoro. When Ryder looks at Hope, he wants to get her messy and he does not know what to do about that.

For her part, Hope is often equally irritated by Ryder but there is no denying there is a spark between them. They tested it once, with a brief kiss on New Year’s, but perhaps it is something worth exploring. When Ryder helps her out in a sticky situation involving her cheating ex-boyfriend, Hope’s esteem for him rises. Perhaps, just perhaps, there is something more beneath his surly demeanor.

The Perfect Hope is a nice, solid romance. It chronicles the mundane daily events in Boonsboro but is never boring. Almost instantly upon opening the book, you will become invested in Ryder and Hope’s romance. It is always nice to see the tough guy fall, and Ryder falls hard for Hope, much as he tries to resist her allure. There is not as much construction detail in this book as in the previous stories in the trilogy which was a real plus for me. I had heard enough about nuts and bolts and buildings to last a lifetime. Instead, The Perfect Hope truly does focus on the burgeoning romance between Ryder and Hope. There are some great scenes with the characters from the other books but they do not detract from what Hope or Ryder is feeling one bit.

Nora Roberts hits it right out of the ballpark with The Perfect Hope.

Reviewed in February 2013 by Sarah.

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