by Brenda Joyce

November 2012
ISBN: 9780373777297
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Mass Market Paperback

Evelyn DíOrsay was an orphan turned young French countess almost overnight. Because of the French revolution, she and her family must flee and get to England before they are faced with the guillotine like so many other French aristocrats. Luckily, Jack Greystone was there to save the day. Now her husband is dead and she needs to go back to France to retrieve a family fortune to ensure the future of her daughter and she knows the only person for the job is Greystone. Over the past four years, she had not forgotten his deep intense eyes or his chiseled body. Evelyn has never felt the wanton stirrings in her body as when she lays eyes on him again.

Jack Greystone has always loved the sea and a damsel in distress. The one damsel he has never forgotten is the beautiful Evelyn. Her beauty surpasses anything Jack has ever seen in his life and now she needs him again. She is now a widow and there is nothing stopping him from claiming her except himself. Jack knows once he tastes of the sweet nectar of Evelyn he will never be able to stop the hunger for her that burns within his loins.

Evelyn and Jack try their best to deny the passion that lies beneath the thin veneer of civilized interaction, however, an enemy that would do harm to them and those they love causes their emotions to burst untameable for all to see. Can they protect their loved ones and grasp a love for the ages?

Surrender is a read that is both an adventure and a loving story. While it is an interesting read, the audience gets the feeling some parts of it seem incomplete. I enjoyed this story, but I donít feel my journey is complete.

Reviewed in March 2014 by Lakisha.

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