by Angela Knight

August 2012
ISBN: 9780425247938
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Miranda Drake is both werewolf and sorcerer living under the protection of King Arthur on Avalon. The problem is she is the daughter of Arthurís arch nemesis Warlock. Warlock promises to destroy both Miranda and King Arthur, but Miranda swears not to allow that to happen. She is going to do everything in her power to protect the innocent from the likes of her evil father. The problem is she has had a spell of fear put on her from a small child and every time she has to face the evil that is Warlock, she freezes in terror. There is only one man that can release her from the hold her father has on her soul.

William Justice is born from a long line of policemen. His duty in life is to solve crimes and protect the innocent. His main goal is to keep Miranda alive and keep his hands off of her luscious body. They have to fight side by side to keep the evil at bay and they find they cannot keep their passions there. Then a prophesy must be fulfilled and it will take both of them to save the world, Avalon, and each other.

I am already an Angela Knight fan anyway, but Master of Darkness was finger-licking good. I know something is good if I am trying to read it during ďReal HousewivesĒ. Iím just saying this read had me on the tips of my toes and the edge of my seat. I look forward to your next book with bated breath.

Reviewed in February 2013 by Lakisha.

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