by Laura Marie Altom

June 2003
ISBN: 0-373-16976-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #976
Mass Market Paperback

When his best friends died Jake Peterson inherited a very special gift, their baby daughter Bonnie. Jake made a deathbed promise to Cal and Jenny that he would take Bonnie and raise her as his own. Now a distant great aunt of Jenny’s has put a kink in his plans to adopt the baby as she has come forward wanting the child.

Jake has dreamed of becoming a dad for a very long time and some distant great aunt is not about to keep him from keeping his promise to his dying friends. When the social worker indicates that Jake might have a better chance of keeping Bonnie if he were married, Jake knows just who to ask, his ex-wife Candy.

Candy Jacobs has made a success of her family owned business Candy Kisses following her divorce from Jake. She has recently sold the business and is about to head out on a trip to see the world.

Jake returns to Lonesome Missouri to ask Candy to remarry him so he can keep Bonnie. Will Candy say yes to the man she still loves and face her greatest fear of becoming a mother? After all their differences concerning kids is mainly what broke the couple up to begin with. Candy is convinced that she will be a terrible mother just as her mother was. Bonnie doesn’t seem to know this though as she is taken with Candy at first site. Candy soon agrees to a temporary arrangement to give Jake the thing he wants most, a child. She seems to be blind to the fact that he wants her to be a permanent part of the package as well.

Inherited: One Baby! is a very entertaining story with the roles reversed a bit. Here we have the hero with the baby he wants to keep rather than the heroine. Ms Altom has penned a charming story of a couple still very much in love. The very thing that drove them apart, a child, is about to bring them together for a second chance at happiness. Secondary characters enrich this story a great deal, Jake’s friends who care for Bonnie while he is trying to woo Candy back into his life and especially Candy’s best friend Kelly Foster who almost steals a couple of scenes from the main players. Ms Altom is a bright new addition to my reading list.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Barbara.

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