by Celeste Anwar

July 2003
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Celeste Anwar has written a short sexy story entitled My Every Desire. Itís a very easy quick read. Ananda Monroe is suffering in my opinion from the Ugly Duckling Syndrome. She had been an overweight young lady, who even though sheís lost the weight still sees herself in that form. Her friend Cass is working hard at making Ananda realize sheís now a sexy woman.

When Ananda wonít make a move on the handsome Jesse Rainer, Cass suggests that maybe she needs some help. She gives her a card for a website called Ananda is thinking itís another porn site, as Cass has sent her to several. She takes the card, but doesnít plan on using it.

After a particularly stressful Friday Ananda comes home to her apartment, and the blue screen on her computer as she forgot to turn it off. She tries to ignore the urge to check out, but finally gives in. What she gets there is exactly what she was wanting, or was it? Is it enough to satisfy her, or is she willing to take the chance and meet the person on the other side of the screen in person? Again, Cass takes matters into her own hands, and gives Ananda the courage she needs to face the online person, in person.

Your Every Desire is a quick hot read. This is the first book Iíve read by Celeste Anwar as Iím a relative newcomer to the world of e-books. I look forward to jumping into this world with both feet, and reading more of Ms. Anwarís books.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Sandi.

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