by Sara Bennett

October 2012
ISBN: 978-0061339196
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Miss Clementina Smythe is determined to take Lord Horace Gilfoyle as her husband. She has known him all of her life and he is her brother’s best friend. Sure she loves him, but she has to marry him because he is extremely rich and the best kept secret is her family is about to be bankrupt. It is unfortunate that Horace told her he found innocents very boring and not worth dallying with. Tina enlists the help of Mr. Richard Eversham. He is well versed in the art of seduction because he has taught several men of the aristocracy how to win their lady love. She figures he can help her win Horace. The problem is this venture is going to cost money, which she has none. On top of that, when she meets Richard, she becomes aware of a strong attraction that she has never felt before and it starts to cloud her mind on who she thinks she loves and if marriage is even possible for her.

Mr. Richard Eversam knows how to woo a woman, but he has never had a woman ask him how to woo a man. When this cheeky gentlewoman is risking her reputation and asking for his help, he cannot resist her request. When she tells her who she wants to marry, he shudders at the thought. You see Richard is apart of a clandestine government agency called the Guardians, and they have been looking at Horace as a person of interest for some time. This is an opportunity to get close to the possible enemy. If he was honest to himself, he would admit she was a person of his interest. Then an enemy of his past threatens to destroy Tina, Richard must reveal his secrets to her, and see if she will accept him for his past, and be willing to look to a future with him.

Sin with a Scoundrel is a pleasurable historic read. What I love about this story is the characters have weaknesses that ultimately make them stronger people. This story really accentuates the idea that you cannot judge a book by the viewpoints of society. It is important to look deeper into a person, before casting judgment. I enjoyed this story full of love, adventure, and intrigue. The love scenes could have been more… know, but still a good story.

Reviewed in September 2012 by Lakisha.

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