by Donna Fletcher

October 2012
ISBN: 978-0062034878
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Mass Market Paperback

Bliss was a seer and a healer for her people the Picts. She was on her way to heal a friend when Fate told her to stay right where she was and she would meet her husband. Bliss never defied Fate, and as sure as she was standing there out walked Trey, the Highland warrior she had brought back from the brink of death just a few short months before. They became husband and wife by the way of the Pict people to protect her from the soldiers. However, Trey does not realize all one has to do is say a few words and you were married. Bliss was flabbergasted at the turn her life had taken. While she was used to the fear and solitude of being a seer and healer, she never expected to be leg-shackled to this magnificent creature of a man. Not only was he loyal, noble, and seemed to genuinely care for her; he had pledged his devotion to the true king of Scotland, but that does not water down the devotion he showed toward her in just hours of meeting her. When Bliss looked at Trey, she experienced a passion like no other and she cannot wait to consummate their vows. It's unfortunate there are hindrances that keep them from doing what their bodies desire.

Trey was heartbroken when his first wife was murdered and taken away from him. He never thought he could ever love again until he met Bliss. And it seemed like his heart exploded with all of this emotion for her, but he was not sure if it was love. He was aware that she knew the identity of the true king, yet she carried the secret with her as they journey together. It began that he was protecting her on their journey, but it turned into a hunger to be at her side every waking moment of his life.

To Wed a Highland Warrior takes you on a journey with the lovers. Really this story is allegorical to the physical journey they are taking with the emotional journey that is taking place. This story somewhat reminds me of the Pilgrimís Progress by John Bunyan. Instead of a journey of religion and spiritual awakening, this read is a pilgrimage of love and the acceptance of fate.

Reviewed in January 2013 by Lakisha.

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