by Kathryn R. Blake

July 2003
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Kathryn R Blake’s newest novel Mortal Illusions is a vampire story that follows in the footsteps of the famous story Dracula. Germaine St. Justine has loved many women in the two hundred years since he became a vampire; however, he has never loved any woman quite as much as he loves Claire. Claire Daniels is an aspiring actress who meets Germaine while trying out for his newest play, one which happens to be a version of Dracula. Cast in the lead female role, Claire’s life is soon imitating art as she and Germaine begin a love affair of their own, but as vampire politics, evil enemies, and their own insecurities threaten to tear them apart Claire and Germaine must look within themselves to find the love they both seek.

Mortal Illusions gives the reader a glimpse of a world filled with vampires that are more or less human and suffer and are as fallible as humans. Blake’s characters are truly remarkable. As they endure the effects of their vampirism; the reader suffers with these characters who are not wholly evil or good, but instead resemble everyday people, feeling emotions that run the gamut from love to hate. The character of Claire reminds the reader that naivete can be both a burden and blessing to those who possess it. The love story is sweet and charming but also contains many ups and downs that are remarkably true to life. This story, while billed as a paranormal, can also be considered a romantic suspense, as the story contains many tense moments where the reader is not sure either Germaine or Claire will survive. The story is capped off with truly touching and meaningful dialogue that helps the story move along at a relatively quick pace. The plot is unique and takes the reader on a journey that is not soon forgotten, and while at times it seems to wander it is neatly wrapped up at the end leaving the reader with a good feeling. Mortal Illusions is a truly remarkable story that provides proof that love can conquer all.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Jen.

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