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July 2003
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Let me begin by confessing that I am a dyed-in-the-wool science fiction fan. I love a good science fiction tale, and when it’s combined with a hot romance, my cup runneth over. My cup just about floated away when I read this fabulous anthology.

Ashley Ladd kicks it off in style with Stolen Brides, which features a terrific contemporary heroine who finds herself transported to a planet where women are anything but contemporary! Naturally, she fights back, especially against the man she is “mated” to – Prince Davek.

Dream Guardian by Joy Nash tells the story of Jewel Borelli, a would-be opera singer, who is struggling to achieve her dreams. Her next-door neighbor, Dar, needs a Singer. Not to entertain him with arias, but to join with him – to become his mate. Because Dar is not a local guy. He’s from another planet where “Singers” are much more than dates or wives – they’re essential lifemates.

Dominique Thomas takes us to a strange world in Some Assembly Required. A world where mental energies have been separated from physical existence for many, except for one woman, Rahzel, who has refused the transition, preferring to keep her body, isolated though she is. Her dreams trouble her – apparently a spirit of some sort is also glad she’s kept her body. But is it simply a hallucination or the embodiment of a real man who can solve many of the planet’s problems?

Concluding this book is The Loveland Curse, a fascinating tale of a woman with a secret who is convinced that love can never be hers. Sex, however, can be, and in her hunt for a one-night-stand, she meets a man whose handsome body hides secrets even greater than her own.

These are four incredibly clever and well-written stories. Each is unique, featuring characters that we quickly come to care about, and plots that are intriguing and neatly constructed. I simply cannot single out one as a favorite, since each new tale caught and held my attention right off the bat. If you are a fan of spicy romances this book will capture your heart. If you are also a science fiction fan, this book will warp you into another galaxy. Well done, everyone. This is a definite keeper!!

Reviewed in August 2003 by Celia.

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