by Janet Woods

July 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-311-2
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Tiana was a gentle healer raised in the temple. Her planet, Truarc, was slowly being destroyed by her people. She was beautiful with emerald eyes and silver hair and rumors were whispered that her mother was a goddess. Unsure of the truth to the rumors, she lived her life working magic. She fought Kavan's arrogance with her own sharp tongue and stubborn refusal to fall in love with a savage.

Kavan was the ruler of the Cabrilan. His people and planet were once part of Truarc. When their worlds were torn asunder, his people became farmers and warriors. He was the son of a god - he understood his destiny. The trouble was he couldn't convince Tiana of her role in his plans. He had arrogantly believed that she would fall into his arms willingly and surrender her heart, mind and soul to him.

A son of a god and the daughter of a goddess would join together and heal the rift in their worlds. The legend had been told since the rift. With a little help from friends and a lot of obstacles from enemies, Kavan and Tiana had to find the right path that would lead to the fulfillment of the prophecy. Finding love along the way made their entwined destinies sweeter.

The characters of Kavan and Tiana were great personalities. They each exhibited arrogance and stubborness. But Ms. Woods managed to keep them from being two-dimensional. She made the main characters human by allowing them to grieve and to be angry. They fought alot. Mostly because Kavan wasn't willing to treat Tiana as an equal for part of the book. When he finally realized that she was fit to rule with him, he gave himself completely to her. Tiana was looking for someone to respect her. A lover who would allow her to be herself and heal. In Kavan, she found not only respect but strength. The rest of the characters fit into the context of the story. There seemed to be a lot of additional characters running around which made it a little confusing at times.

EYES OF THE ALCHEMIST is a great fantasy/paranormal story. There is magic, suspense and love mixed in this legend about a god's son and his lifemate.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Jenni.

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