by Melyssa Jay

August 2012
ISBN: 05889-01889
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The submissive is only concerned with pleasing her master. His pleasure is her pleasure. She lives to be everything he needs to feel satisfied. She seeks never to displease him or only just a little bit to push him to give her a pleasurable punishment. The submissive aches for him throughout the day, waiting with bated breath at his every command. He is the epitome of dominant and she feels privileged to be chosen as his sub to do his bidding. “Sir” commands her at his every will, she is there to obey with her heart, soul, and body. If she pleases herself, she is not there for his pleasure and is deemed a selfish ungrateful sub. Can she control the constant ache within, and obey “Sir” with self-control and discipline?

His Pleasure is just that: the pleasure of a man. The characters are written as sexual beings whom live the BDSM style as a daily routine. What makes this story interesting is the characters are not really developed as a part of a plot, but rather persons in a story craving fulfillment in one another. I love this read because it feels like part of an excerpt of a bigger picture. Ms Jay makes you want to read more. I would love to see where this tasty morsel takes me.

Reviewed in October 2012 by Lakisha.

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