by Kinley MacGregor

ISBN: 0-380-81791-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Nora is desperate. Her father has betrothed her to someone she does not love...granted she grew up with him, but still, the mere thought of marrying the man disgusts her. In her desperation, and under the advice of her maid, she seeks help from someone she has been told will not deny her. When she reaches his abode, she encounters a vision of naked masculinity in all its glory...too bad he is passed out in bed from too much drinking.

When Ewan MacAllister awakens from an ale induced slumber, he finds himself facing Nora. Her timing could not have been worse not to mention the fact that her request for assistance is so similar to an incident that has marked his life, that he can not help but suspect about her real intentions.

Ewan agrees to bring Nora to his brother Lochlan’s keep, but nothing more. While on their way, a band of gypsies captures Ewan. Soon after, Ewan and Nora see themselves facing the kidnapping as an adventure. Ewan needs to find out who paid these gypsies for his kidnapping, as he can not understand who would be interested in doing such a thing. While at it, what was nothing but attraction between Nora and Ewan soon turns into something far deeper.

Kinley MacGregor`s Taming the Scotsman is her 5th book in the MacAllisters series. If you have read the previous titles, you already know that the heroes in this series are to die for...if you have not...what are you waiting for? Ewan MacAllister is what you could call a “tortured” hero, but he learns that what he has found is worth to fight for. As to our heroine, Nora, she is one intelligent and smart young woman who despite her sheltered life, sees beyond Ewan`s handsome but gruff exterior and is able to deal with the rather unusual situation she finds herself in.

The plot has a good deal of amusing twists and turns without making the story complicated, but rather quite entertaining and fast paced. This story had me smiling and more than once I felt my eyes getting teary eyed, especially as it pertained to Ewan. If you like historical romances, this is the sort that you will want to read in one sitting...like I did. Taming the Scotsman belongs on my "keeper" shelf and I certainly look forward to Kinley MacGregor’s future books.

Reviewed in October 2003 by Mireya.

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