by Anthology

January 2003
ISBN: 1-58314-382-3
Reviewer Graphic Button B E T Books
Mass Market Paperback

Candlelight And You is a trio of stories, which center around love on Valentine’s Day.

Leslie Esdaile’s Valentine’s Love tells the story of shop owner Denise Blake who has heard too many lines from too many men to actually believe there is such a man as Mr. Right. When he does appear in the form of dynamic Brandon Thornton, she is overwhelmed until Cupid and his associates apply love’s pressure to her heart.

Years ago, Curt Bowden stood up Janice Van Hook at a college dance. Janice has never forgotten that fateful night which left her with a broken heart. Now, she is committed to designing the interior of Curt’s luxury home. Can Janice forgive a mistake of the past and decorate her future with Curt’s love or will she allow one error in judgement to dictate the rest of her life? The answer will be revealed in Wait For Love by Melanie Schuster.

In Linda Walters’ Seventy-Two Hours and Counting, Morgan Collins is concerned about her relationship with her boyfriend, Garret. It is three days before Valentine’s Day, and Garret is acting standoffish as though he is no longer interested in their two-year relationship. When Morgan meets charismatic Danton Yearwood at a conference, she is instantly attracted to him despite her affection for Garret. Hearts dance on Valentine’s Day, and Morgan is about to discover her heart has its own special rhythm.

Although I found Valentine’s Love to be a pleasant diversion, I didn’t really care for the other two stories in the collection. Valentine’s Love had a cute story line and winning characters. I particularly liked Esdaile’s clever Cupid methods.

Wait For Love and Seventy-Two Hours and Counting were both tedious reads for me. The narratives were uninteresting, and the characters, along the same line, unexciting. The stories came across as unimaginative, often-told tales.

Because of the latter two stories, Candlelight And You is not a highly enjoyable book. To make up for them, just read Valentine’s Love over and over again. One out of three isn’t all bad.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Natasha.

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