by Suzanne Enoch

August 2001
ISBN: 0-380-81850-7
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Mass Market Paperback

This is your typical man with an attitude versus woman of independence teaching him a lesson. And believe me when I say Greydon Brakenridge, Duke of Wycliffe, won't know what hit him when Miss Emma Grenville, Headmistress of Miss Grenville's Academy, gets hold of him!

When Greydon Brakenridge, Duke of Wycliffe, answers a summons from his uncle, he knows it can mean only one thing; his uncle needed money. What he finds out is that the estate is so far into debt, that the only way out is to raise the rents on to its tenants. One of these tenants is Miss Grenville's Academy, a finishing school for young women just going out for their first season. He has always hated these types of schools. They're nothing more than How to Trap a Husband schools, and he can't wait to shut this particular one down.

On the day that Emma receives her notice about the raise in rent, she is quite reasonably upset. Until she finds out that the Duke of Wycliffe is behind the idea of rent rising, then she's furious. When she confronts him with her complaints, he makes a wager with her. If she can come up with a better plan for the estate other than raise the tenant's rents, then he will pay her rent, indefinitely; along with sponsoring the tuition for three students. She of course thinks this a silly wager. Of course she can come up with a better plan. She's an intelligent woman. But what happens if she loses? Well, if she loses, she must pay the rent increase. But she won't lose, because for him to win, he must teach ballroom etiquette to five of her students. He laughs at this, of course he can teach a couple of chit's etiquette, after all he is a master, and seals the deal with a handshake. But when their skin touches, heat of a different kind starts to rise.

Can they each win the wager without losing their hearts in the process? What about Miss Granville's Academy students, how will they make this pair of very stubborn and proud people fall in love no matter the scandal it will cause the school?

This is not one of Suzanne Enoch's best books; I've read better. But, it is a great story with lots of character and some very well written sex scenes. The addition of the children, and their antics, make the book more fun to read, but when she is writing about the main character's thoughts, it's kind of slow moving.


Reviewed in August 2001 by Debbie.

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