by Angela Verdenius

August 2003
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This book lives up to its title. The “Betrayed” is Dana, Rekka Warrior Woman, and the “Heart” belongs to Garret, a Daamen trader. Fierce, proud, capable and independent, Dana works hard at being the best at what she does – and those she protects are grateful for her skills. Garret is grateful she’s a woman, and one who can match his giant body well – in all the right places.

As the threat of war looms over a distant planet, Dana and Garret become enmeshed in an intergalactic adventure which reveals new facets of their personalities to each other. Dana fights her attraction to Garret with every bit as much determination as she fights her enemies. Garret’s affections become more than just lust for Dana’s honed body…he realizes that she offers him a chance at something he’d not considered – a future. These two give new life to the old phrase about “an irresistible force meeting an immovable object”.

While Dana and Garret are the focus of this exciting romance, there’s no question that the plot is of major importance. Here’s one story where the two are so closely intertwined, that each development in the struggle for peace brings Dana and Garret closer to understanding each other on many levels. It’s rare to find a tale that is so well-crafted, and it made reading this book a pleasure.

Lessons are learned by all, not just the lovers, but the populations of planets who have become mired in a dangerous society, and even those who would protect peace in this star system. Everyone has some changes to make and some of them are difficult, challenging and profound.

I understand that this is one of a series of stories set in this environment, and if the others are as good as this one, I’d recommend them all. It’s great fantasy, excellent science-fiction, and a delightful romance. Just the thing to take readers out of their everyday world and into a new and exciting one. Well done, Ms. Verdenius.

Reviewed in September 2003 by Celia.

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