by Lynn Kurland

September 2003
ISBN: 0-425-19202-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Madelyn Phillips isn’t going to let a little thing like a cancelled wedding keep her from her dream vacation to Scotland. The trip has been paid for, so Madelyn decides to visit Scotland on her own, after all thanks to her conniving ex-fiancée Bentley Douglas Taylor III she has no job to go to.

Her bad luck only gets worse upon arrival in Scotland. Her reserved luxury car is not available so she takes a compact model that has her very cramped and uncomfortable on the way to her hotel. After almost being run off the road by a Scotsman in a black sports car who is obviously in a big hurry, Madelyn arrives at her hotel to learn that her reserved hotel room has been taken by none other than Bentley Douglas Taylor III who has come to win her back. The kind innkeeper finds Madelyn another smaller room and she makes the best of a bad situation.

Madelyn’s suitcase is stolen after she leaves it in the car overnight so she must borrow clothes from the innkeeper’s wife. Madelyn is determined that nothing is going to ruin her dream vacation and she sets off on her adventure. She soon spots a Highlander across a windswept moor and Madelyn knows that this man is her destiny.

The highlander is none other than Patrick MacLeod who in reality is a Scotsman from the fourteenth century. Since coming to the 21st century along with other members of his family Patrick has developed a love for fast cars and a determination to remain a bachelor. He won’t succumb to love again. The last time he gave his heart away, his wife and unborn child died, taking with them a bit of his soul. He’s not willing to risk his heart again. Fate seems to have another plan though because Patrick feels the same connection as Madelyn when their eyes meet.

Patrick is soon showing Madelyn the sites, all the while trying to convince himself she is nothing more than a friend he is helping out of a bad situation. When circumstances throw Madelyn back to the 14th century Patrick must come to her rescue and show his true feelings or risk losing her forever.

A Garden In The Rain is a breathtaking novel that will mesmerize the reader from start to finish. Ms. Kurland has the ability to create an epic story that pulls the reader in and has them lose all track of time while turning the pages. With rich characterization and smart, crisp and often witty dialog the story moves along at a rapid pace. Patrick and Madelyn are characters that the reader won’t soon forget.

As in most of her previous novels, Ms. Kurland lets the reader visit with past characters from her books to find out how their lives are coming along since they last met. This is a tool she used quite well without distracting from her current tale. I suspect it will generate sales of prior books from people wanting to know what happened in those tales.

My Heart Stood Still was my favorite book by Lynn but it has been replaced by A Garden In The Rain. Do yourself a favor and put this remarkable book on your to-buy list.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Barbara.

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