by Brenda Joyce

August 2012
ISBN: 978-0-373-77692-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Ten years earlier, Amelia Greystone had a torrid love affair when she was sixteen years old with the Earl of St. Just, Simon Grenville. Suddenly, their relationship was abruptly ended and Simon rode off to marry another never to be heard from again until tragedy strikes, his wife dies. Amelia is shocked to encounter him after so many years. She is then determined to help his three children through the grief of their mother. Amelia realizes Simon needs her too. He is dark, brooding and even dangerous. Amelia is determined to get to the heart of the situation and be the light to the darkness of their lives.

Simon Grenville, is a British double agent caught in the midst of a raging war during the Le Rage in France. He had stayed away for the safety of his family. Now that his wife had died, he has children that could be in fatal danger. Then to add more layers to his issues, he has to face the woman whose heart he broke ten years ago, and she is determined to become embroiled in his life without his permission.

Simon and Amelia have to face a hidden danger to save the lives of the children. Simon is so dark; he almost has no will to live. The question is: Can Amelia’s light lead him out of the hands of the enemy?

Persuasion is a pretty good read. While it starts off slow, the story builds momentum and pulls you in to a whirlwind of love and adventure.

Reviewed in September 2012 by Lakisha.

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