by Sherri L. King

July 2003
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Cinder, a Shikar warrior, is on patrol with the rest of his team in Hamburg, Germany when they enter a techno club searching for a new breed of Daemons. There he sees Stefany, DJ SteffyStealth, spinning the records and is immediately attracted to her. Unfortunately, just as he starts talking to her, Cinder is called into battle.

Stefany has always had a problem with boredom. It has gotten her into a lot of trouble in the past; however, she has always been able to stay one step ahead of real danger due to a keen, almost supernatural, sense of intuition. This time, boredom and curiosity forces her to follow Cinder and his team where she finds them in a battle with the Daemons.

Daemons feed on humans with psychic abilities. The bad news is that now they are aware of Stefany and of the fact that she now is connected in some way to Shikars. In order to save her, Cinder must live with Stefany until they can find a way to fight these new and improved Daemons.

As the second book in The Horde War series, Wanton Fire, retains the fast pace action brought to us in the first book. It is also a great romance with a main character, Stefany, fighting against her desire for Cinder. Stefany has a great mind, it is constantly working and she is a strong woman. Her past haunts her, yet gives her the strength to do what she must in order to survive. Cinder is a “to die for” hero. He is strong, passionate, caring and oh so hot! Even though his people are at war he refuses to abandon Stefany to die at the hands of the Daemons.

With this book, Sherri King continues to tell stories that are enthralling and enchanting. She is a master at developing series that have us begging for more as soon as the last word is read. Wanton Fire is a definite must read, run to get it. However, to fully understand this book reading the first one in the series, Ravenous, is a must.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Vikky.

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