by Mary Winters and Samantha Winston

July 2003
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In Princess Lilly by Samantha Winston, Princess Lilly finds herself engaged to her father, King Henri, by threat of death. She turns to her fairy Godmother, Violet, for help and is told to agree to the wedding - with one request. King Henri must make her three dresses, one each in the colors of lust, desire, and true love. With the help of these three magical dresses, as well as some other magical items, Violet helps Lilly escape her Father, sending her to another kingdom where she will meet her true love.

Princess Lilly is a brave heroine, as she must agree to marry her father and then leave the only home she has ever known to escape him. Even though the issue of a Father demanding his daughter marry him is taboo, it is nothing more than a plot device in the original story as well as this one, to get Lilly on her journey towards her Prince. This is an old fairy tale with an erotic twist added, making it a very good story full of passion and love.

In Prince of the Logos by Mary Winter, Amelle is stuck at home with a bitter mother who works her to the bone. She dreams of leaving to find herself a prince to take care of her. Amelle falls asleep while trying to guard their garden from a rabbit that keeps eating their cabbage. When she wakes up there is a wild hare sniffing her. He speaks in her mind, biding her to follow him into the forest.

While Amelle comes across a tad wishy-washy, she is introduced into a new and strange world. She follows her heart, only to wonder if she is making the right decisions. Kanin, the hero, was a bit heavy handed in his attempts to keep Amelle with him, but he soon learns the error of his ways and makes this better. Ms. Winter gives this sad fable a happy ending and a touch of bondage to make it an enjoyable read.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Vikky.