by Stephanie Burke

July 2003
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In "Hidden Passions: Volume 2", author Stephanie Burke gives us seven exciting stories of passion, lust, fantasy and love found. These stories are definitely hot. You donít want to read them alone, or if you must, at least keep your favorite toy and a pitcher of ice water on hand.

In "Exotica", we watch as a young American woman is faced with the challenge of making a place for herself in the harem of a desert prince.

While on an expedition in the Amazon, a young woman unexpectedly finds herself taking part in a fertility ceremony with a warrior priest who more than fulfills her desires in "War Love".

Craig White Fox has been her ultimate fantasy for years. Now in "Cue Stick", with the outcome of one shot of pool, our heroine has her chance to fulfill her dreams and claim her man. This story will make me look at a pool stick in a whole different light.

What does a man do when a beautiful woman, dressed in chaps and short-shorts trespasses on his private beach? Why he punishes her, and make sure she enjoys every minute of it. At last thatís what happens between Abner and his "Biker Broad".

I donít know about you, but I would love to have a sexy, man promise to love me in "Alphabetical Order". The imaginative ways he develops is enough to make you run for the nearest cold shower.

In "Catís Paw", a young woman inherits a house in the woods and meets her destiny. Because of a blood pact made by her aunt she is pledged to a man who has a tendency to turn into a cat. All I can say is, here kitty!

And in "Deflowered", while on a nature hike a woman takes a break to finish reading her novel, when she falls asleep and wakes up in the body of a young woman named Red Feather. She finds herself experiencing her first time on her wedding night with the man of her dreams, Dancing Wolf. If this is a dream, she hopes she never wakes up.

My only problem with this anthology was the fact that the stories were too short.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Carolyn.

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