by Brian Hill and Dee Power

August 2003
ISBN: 1-59286-023-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Publish America
Trade Paperback

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A story of friendship Overtime revolves around a group of friends that have known each other since high school, and tragedy affected them all. Mark, the fourth friend, died just when he had started playing professional football. Kelly, his fiancée, spends the rest of her life immortalizing him in her mind. So when her business, named after him, begins to fall apart she wonders where to turn.

Dan and Mike were best friends of Mark. Mike is now an attorney for Dan and his company. He hides not only his heart’s desires but also every other emotion behind his comical façade. Dan is feeling the pressure of a possible company take over. He has acquired more than his company can handle and as a result left the family company wide open for a take over. Can these friends come together in time to save his business? What other wonderful things can they accomplish?

Overtime gives a good glimpse of the business world and some of the many aspects of company life. The characters are well written and the reader can understand their motivations, even the bad guys. The reader may not be able to relate to every character, or to the bad guys but the reader can still understand and see what motivates them in their pursuits. Overtime focuses also on the aspects of friendship and love, especially the lasting power of these two traits.

Along with understanding the corporate world, Overtime gives a good understanding of the game of football. For those that love this game, Overtime is as pleasurable as watching your favorite team play that crucial game in the season. There is a point toward the end of the novel, where you can almost feel the characters running across the screen and watching the scenes play out. You hang in your seat for that one moment the same as if it were a real football game on the screen.

Definitely worth reading, especially during the football season, when the game isn’t on be prepared to pick this novel up and curl up with it to keep that football spirit going. And ladies, beware, if this book is on the coffee table it’s sure to spark the male interest in your house as well. You may have to tackle him to get it back!

Reviewed in September 2003 by Katy.