by Kristy McCaffrey

July 2003
ISBN: 1-59374-042-5
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Ten years ago in Northern Texas, Matthew Ryanís life changed. It was then that a group of violent men wiped out almost the entire Hart family. Matthew was devastated because in that awful instant he had lost the nine-year-old girl he had sworn to protect, the adorable Molly Hart.

But Molly Hart isnít dead. For years, she has lived with the Comanche Indians. Now, sheís coming back home. Upon returning, Molly discovers her parents are dead and unearths dark secrets of the past. As she deals with the pressure of returning from the dead, Molly finds herself falling in love with Matthew.

Matthew also has feelings for Molly, but this time around, heís going to protect her even if it means finding her another man. Can he forgive himself before itís too late or will he lose the love of a lifetime?

The Wren is an intriguing mix of romance and mystery. McCaffrey takes an often-told tale and livens it up with original, exciting characters. Her greatest strength lies in her ability to get into the minds and hearts of each of her characters and convey these emotions into words. This skill is vividly noted in the riveting scenes between Matthew and Molly.

What distracts from this unique story is the irregular and sometimes repetitious pace of the narrative. Several points are reiterated many times, and the sentences do not always flow smoothly. If you can weed through these small diversions, you will find The Wren to be a nice read.

Reviewed in August 2003 by Natasha.

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