by Rochelle Alers

June 2003
ISBN: 1-58314-272-X
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Mass Market Paperback

Renegade, the latest offering by Rochelle Alers, is a treat from beginning to end. Renegade is actually DEA agent Summer Montgomery who has been given the nickname by her colleagues because of her no-nonsense, no-holds-barred, get-the-job-done style. For her most recent assignment, Summer has to go undercover as a drama teacher at a prestigious Massachusetts high school to expose a lucrative drug ring.

It is at the school that she meets Gabriel Cole, a famous, brilliant musician who has taken a break from his career to give back and teach at the school. Gabriel is a member of an equally famous family whose members are well known for their various talents and business acumen. In contrast to Summerís careful, take-her-time personality, Gabriel is more embracing of life. Heís not as distrusting as Summer is and this is understandable, given her choice of career.

They, of course, are extremely drawn to one another and at first, neither one likes the idea of being attracted to the other. Gabriel is the first to accept it and when he does, he goes about the relationship like a man whose whole heart is in it. Summer is a bit more cautious, but catches up to him a lot more quickly than these things usually take in a novel. (For which, I am terribly grateful).

I didnít find the secondary story (Summerís search for the drug dealer) all that interesting. It wasnít difficult to guess who the mastermind behind the drug ring was. Still, Ms. Alers tells a good story and Iím thrilled to have read it. The characters are both complicated and Summer in particular has issues that make her character more interesting than most, giving her depth. The book is engaging, filled with sensuality and has its funny moments; especially when Summer shows Gabriel what it means to ďdrop it like itís hot.Ē

Renegade is the tenth and final book in Ms. Alersí Hideaway Legacy series. It was the first one Iíve read, but Iím looking forward to reading the others.

Reviewed in July 2003 by Lisa.

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