by Linda Warren

December 2011
ISBN: 13:978-0-373-71747-7
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Linda Warren's series, The Hardin Boys, is so well written and such an enjoyable series to read. The Texan’s Christmas is the last book in the three book ensemble and was my favorite, the others including The Texan’s Bride and The Texan’s Secret.

The youngest brother Cisco, also known as “Kid”, is sent by the Shilah Oil CEO Cadde Hardin to their home town High Cotton, Texas, to see if he can set up a deal to lease their land. Thinking that Kid can just walk in, ask, and get what he wants would be a piece of cake – how wrong he is! There is history with the owner of the land and Lucinda “Lucky” Littlefield is not even going to give him a chance to work with her.

Lucky gives Kid the coldest shoulder he has ever received from anyone and he just does not understand why. Could it be that she doesn’t recognize him, or is it something else? She is now working at the beer joint that once was the place for them to get beer and sneak off to be alone. He knows when he left he should have kept his promise to stay in touch, for they were in love - but he kept putting it off until he thought it was too late. But now he wants to lease her land, and really needs her signature on a contract that is very fair to her and her Dad.

What will it take for her to sign the lease? Also, what happens when Kid finds out why she is so angry with him? Will there be forgiveness on both ends of their ‘relationship’? Will love win out when Kid learns that Lucky is undercover? Just why she is doing what she’s doing? Will true love win out, that is if they are willing to admit they still care about each other?

This is a keeper for me. As I said this one is my favorite of the three for I enjoyed how well the anger was written and the love that is there, not only with Kid and Lucky, but also with the other family members. Pick up your copy before they fly off the shelves.

Reviewed in December 2011 by Theresa.

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