by Terry Spear

December 2011
ISBN: 978-1402245558
Reviewer Graphic Button Sourcebooks #8
Mass Market Paperback

Alicia Greiston is a bounty hunter on the trail of the men responsible for her motherís death. She is obsessed with making sure the men pay for what they did.

Jake Silver is in Breckinridge to drop off some of his photographs at an art gallery. While he is waiting for the gallery to open he notices a woman taking photographs of a particular carís license plate. She is obviously investigating someone. Intrigued and attracted, Jake follows her into the restaurant across the street. He realizes the guys she is staking out are dangerous men involved with the mafia. Jakeís wolf side makes him feel protective toward Alicia. But the laws of his pack are restrictive. Will Jake rebel against his Alpha, his brother?

Alicia is having trouble keeping Jake off her mind. Which is frustrating since she needs all her wits about her when dealing with the dangerous men involved with the death of her mother. One misstep and she is done. Complications abound in a world unfamiliar to Alicia. The bad guys donít give her time to figure things out so she has to depend on gut instinct to stay alive. Then the dreams begin; erotic dreams like she has never experienced. It looks like Jake is going to be in her life whether she likes it or not.

I realize when reading an urban fantasy the reader must suspend disbelief. However, when it comes to the hero/heroine relationship one expects a measure of realism. I didnít feel that in the beginning of Dreaming of the Wolf and it delayed my becoming engrossed in the story. In fact, I felt frustrated for the first half of the book. It could be that this is the first Heart of the Wolf book Iíve read in Terry Spearís series. I didnít have the pack information needed to understand why some decisions were made.

I did enjoy Dreaming of the Wolf more when the characters were in Silver Town and it made me wish the entire story had taken place there. That wouldnít have worked for Aliciaís half of the story, though. It did make me want to go back and find out more about these wolves of Silver Town. Iíve already started on the back list. So, for readers well-established in this series, I believe they will enjoy this addition. For readers new to the series, I recommend starting from the beginning.

Reviewed in August 2012 by Rho.

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