by Janet Chapman

March 2012
ISBN: 978-0-515-15036-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Maximilian ďMacĒ Oceanus has been having a rough last few months. Aside from the fact that his father, Titus (ruler of Atlantis), has stripped Mac of most of his powers, Titus has decreed Mac has one year to get his act together. Mac must find a wife and be a real father to his newly discovered six year old son Henry, or Titus will take Henry from him. Macís friends from Maine suggest he attend Camp Inglenook where parents and kids learn to love and trust one another through fun activities and special counseling sessions. So itís off to Spellbound Falls.

Widow Olivia Baldwin has lived in the shadows all her life. Trying to build a life for herself and her eight year old daughter Sophie starts with Olivia standing up to her bossy mother-in law and show that she can run Camp Inglenook on her own. In her haste to prove herself Olivia goes against her gut feelings and hires a young male counselor who wants a sexual relationship with an uninterested Olivia. Trying to dissuade the already disgruntled employee causes the boy to attack Olivia. Fighting the kid off alone in the woods, Olivia finds herself rescued by newly arrived camper Mac. Instantly Oliviaís dormant sex drive heats up by the drop dead sexy Mac.

Then weird stuff starts to happen around Mac and Henry. They both have the ability to ďsenseĒ certain things especially around water. Thereís Macís SUV that seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to Olivia. Why is it always locking her in and refusing to allow her to release its seatbelts? Donít forget the three albatrosses that show up...in Maine? Despite all of that Mac and Olivia will definitely bring new adventure to the ho hum camp life in Spellbound Falls.

Spellbound Falls is magically delicious! Sexy hero Mac has intrigued us throughout several previous Janet Chapman books and itís great to see him finally find a woman of his own. Olivia seems to always be making the wrong turns in life until she reaches the comfort and safety of Macís arms. I had a few issues with six year old Henry. (Iím sorry no parent lets a kid that young sleep over with no clothes on!) Aside from Macís unusual parenting and Oliviaís long lost family appearing all at once, the story is fun and gets my vote for four roses.

Reviewed in April 2012 by Bonnie.

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