by Michelle Marcos

March 2012
ISBN: 978-0-312-38179-0
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

As rugged and bold as the Scottish hills the Highland Knaves take no prisoners when it comes to love.

When they were children, Shona Slayter along with her brother and sister, witness the murder of their family. The girls are literally branded by the murderers as traitors and fostered out as indentured servants. They never see their brother again. Shona grows up to be outspoken and unafraid of authority. Her twin Willow is the exact opposite. Shona cares for her sister above herself. When they are near freedom from their indentured status, the girls’ lives change once again. Their foster family is in debt to their new laird. They have no means to pay their debt so instead Shona and Willow are sent to Laird Conall MacEwan in their place. Seeing their freedom slipping away, Shona has to adapt her plans: She must make the laird fall in love with her and then marry her.

Conall is a doctor turned Laird. He doesn’t know how to run the estate he has recently inherited. It pleases him to find that Shona is quite intelligent and has several helpful ideas. He accepts her on as an apprentice. While Conall teaches Shona about being a doctor and she teaches him to relate to his tenants, a romance begins to bloom. But then a visit from Conall’s brother brings change once again, and not for the better.

Lessons in Loving a Laird by Michelle Marcos is book two in the Highland Knaves series. This installment has everything her fans love about her books; a top-notch love story, humor, vibrant characters, and a fast-paced plot. Shona is a strong heroine who easily makes one want to be her friend. Conall is a good fit for Shona. He is not intimidated by her fiery personality or her intelligence. In fact, he encourages her. That he is sexy is an obvious plus. The chemistry between the two heats up the pages!

Make sure you add Michelle Marcos to your must read author list. You won't want to miss a thing!

Reviewed in September 2012 by Rho.

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