by Deirdre Martin

February 2012
ISBN: 978-0-425-24368-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Erin O’Brien is ready to leave her hometown of Ballycraig behind. She is finishing up her art history degree and is ready to experience the world outside of Ballycraig, the only place she has ever really been. She thought she’d travel to New York but when her fiancé, New York Blades hockey player Rory Brady, broke up with her it definitely threw a spinnaker in her plans. But now Erin is ready to get out, all on her own but unfortunately she has one more obstacle: Rory Brady. He is back in town ready to win Erin once again.

Rory Brady ruined the best relationship he ever had and he is ready to show Erin that he regrets his decision and wants to be with her again. He is ready to commit but he knows he has to make amends to Erin. He threw her aside when fame came calling and all too late does he realize how he treated her. But is Erin ready to forgive and forget? Will she realize that his intentions are sincere?

Breakaway is the newest book in Deirdre Martin’s popular New York Blades hockey series but fortunately, it easily stands alone. I enjoyed this story of two lovers reuniting, both with new experiences and insights as adults rather than young people on the cusp of adulthood. Erin in particular has really grown and changed and is ready to tackle the world. I do wish she had made Rory crawl a bit more because he really treated her badly but I do think that eventually, Rory proved his sincerity.

The citizens of Ballycraig add layers of humor and small town craziness to the story. Erin is beloved by many citizens but the great thing is, she loves them back. She may want to experience life outside of Ballycraig but she definitely still loves her hometown. I liked that she recognized that there was a lot to appreciate in Ballycraig.

Breakaway is a fun contemporary romance from Deirdre Martin. She is one of my favorite contemporary voices and she succeeds again in creating a likable and warmhearted romance. Rory and Erin will keep you smiling!

Reviewed in April 2012 by Sarah.

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